Siddha Medicine Membership Benefits

Basic Membership
  • Access to all papers posted on this site, including copyrighted material
    • recipes
    • research
    • suggested reading
  • Discounts on herbal products sold on this site
    • minimum 15% on orders over $100
    • additional discounts on higher volume purchases
      • 3% over $200
      • 4% over $500
      • 5% over $1000
      • 7% over $5000
  • Live chat for purchasing questions
    • limit 15 minutes, three times per year

Membership Fee: $30 initially plus $10 per quarter.

Premier Membership

All of the advantages of the basic membership plus:

  • Personal control panel for health goals
  • Guidance with specific questions as they arise
    • limit 30 minutes per month

    Membership Fee: $30 initially plus $30 per month.

Family Membership
This plan provides for support for several persons. The membership fee is the same as for the Premier Membership but each time a request for guidance is made on behalf of someone other than the primary membership holder, a fee will apply.


Members acknowledge that the "guidance" offered via this site is based on ancient systems medicine from India that are energetic and not directly related to disease or the pathologies of illness. The goal is harmony and this is achieved by pacifying unruly "doshas" or tonifying weak elements or systems of the body.

The provider of member services is a long-time student of Eastern philosophy and medicine and is more mystical than scientific. If you are not certain about what this means, you might like to visit some of her web sites or subscribe to her e-list before registering as a member here.

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